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About Us

Who is Makwedeng Training

Makwedeng Training was established during 2003 as a provider with the Transport Sector Education and Training Authority (TETA) and achieved full accreditation during 2004. The focus point of Makwedeng Training is to provide education and training to the logistics sector of South Africa. The company is solely owned by one shareholder namely Susan Henning. During 2007 Makwedeng received secondary accreditation with the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&R SETA) and during 2011 with the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (MERSETA).


To be the most sought after provider of Outcomes Based Education, Training and Development initiatives.


To provide highly skilled services to all clients by:

  • Professional Facilitation
  • Professional Assessment
  • Professional Learner support
  • Precise reporting
  • Ensuring client satisfaction



  • Form long term partnerships with clients for mutual benefit.
  • Focus on the development of the Individual to ensure benefits for the Organisation.
  • Ensure a high level of practical development with a theoretical basis to build knowledge and skill.

Why Makwedeng Training

Makwedeng Training is one of the very few providers that provide logistics training that is unit standard aligned and that offers recognised skills programs and registered Learnerships in the field of logistics.

The founding member and the senior management of Makwedeng Training have extensive logistical and managerial background and have worked within the industry in excess of 20 years.

All the management of Makwedeng Training are educators and have extensive background to education and training methodologies inclusive of lecturing as well as instructional training and have completed the Outcomes based Education and Training methodology training.


Companies that enrol learners on registered learnerships qualify for tax rebates. The publication within Section 12H of the Income Tax Act No: 58 of 1962 have reference.

Further to this companies that are proven to be directly involved with skills development and succession planning obtain points to their balance score card for BEE ratings.

Makwedeng Training offering

Makwedeng is a training provider and that is the main focal point, but Makwedeng has the knowledge and skills to provide Skills Development planning, assistance with BEE compliance and organisational career pathing through own personnel as well as partnerships with reputable organisations.

The following Qualifications are offered by Makwedeng Training and all relevant unit standards have been accredited against the name of Makwedeng Training by the respective Education Training Quality Assurance body:

  • General Education and Training Certificate Transport NQF 1 SAQA ID: 59300 (can offer Generic Learnership, Warehousing operations Learnership, Courier operations Learnership, Port operations Learnership)
  • National Certificate Wholesale and Retail Distribution NQF 2 SAQA ID: 49280 (can offer Warehousing operations Learnership, Distribution Centre Learnership 27Q270010391202)
  • National Certificate Freight Handling NQF 3 SAQA ID: 57831 (can offer Warehousing/ Distribution Centre operations Learnership 26Q260044351283, Courier operations Learnership 26Q260045351283, Port operations Learnership 26Q260046351283, Bulk operations Learnership not registered, Stevedoring Learnership 26Q260047351283, Air Freight Handling Learnership 26Q260043351283)
  • National Certificate Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance NQF 3 SAQA ID: 59365 (can offer Freight forwarding Learnership 26Q260053371303)
  • National Certificate Professional driving NQF 3 SAQA ID: 50285 (can offer Professional driver Freight Learnership 26Q260009212053 )
  • National Certificate Road Transport NQF 3 SAQA ID: 48437 (can offer Transport administration Learnership 26Q260023241333)
  • National Certificate: Maintenance Coordination at NQF Level 5 (MERSETA).
  • National Certificate: Supply Chain Management at NQF Level 5 (TETA).
  • National Diploma NQF 5 Freight Logistics Management SAQA ID: 58473 (can offer Warehousing / Distribution Centre Management Learnership, Courier operations management Learnership, Port operations management Learnership).

The above Qualifications can be offered as:

  • Fully accredited Learnerships
  • Fully recognised skills programs
  • Short courses based on recognised unit standards
  • Interactive workshops
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

Makwedeng Training Methodology

Makwedeng Training provides classroom based learning based on the OBET principles utilising experienced facilitators where learners are to work in groups and take active part in all classroom exercises and group discussions. All facilitators are to prepare lesson plans which are to be submitted to Makwedeng two weeks before the commencement of the class, the reason for this is that most facilitators are contractors to Makwedeng.

All group work and individual exercises are documented and collected by the facilitator. Facilitators are to guide learners and complete formative assessments during class.

Depending on the subject matter (if workplace learning is required) learners receive a workplace training program (WPTP). This program provides learners with tasks that need to be completed within the workplace as well as a guide of evidence to be generated by the learner. The WPTP must be signed by the learner and the logging of time spent on the task must be documented on the WPTP. Learners are to submit their WPTP at the next classroom session.

Assessments are documented within an assessment plan inclusive of the Assessor guide. Learners must undergo a pre assessment meeting where they are then provided with the summative assessment documentation and aspects are discussed as part of the pre assessment meeting.

The method of assessment is dependent on the assessment criteria relevant to the unit standard.

Makwedeng Training Personnel

Our facilitators and assessors work on a National basis,

  • Frank Pieters lives in Pretoria (soft skills, generic management, logistics, warehousing, computer training) Ex Defence force Colonel in Logistics, also an assessor and moderator.
  • Lottie Stark lives in Krugersdorp (soft skills, generic management)
  • Lawrence Radebe lives in Alberton (soft skills, generic management, logistics, warehousing, computer training, Customs, freight forwarding) also an assessor.
  • Wayne Bromilow lives in Alberton (Driver training, warehousing, logistics, dangerous goods handling) Also an assessor and moderator.
  • Michael Bromilow lives in Alberton (Business Management, generic management, Quality control) Holder of a Black belt Lean Six Sigma certificate, also an assessor.
  • Johan Redelinghuys lives in Pretoria (Transport management, warehousing, logistics and generic management) Presently Logistics Officer in the Air Force and an assessor.
  • David Marais lives in Pretoria (Driver training, transport management, ARRTO and other road transport legislation) also an assessor and moderator.
  • Rui Castro lives in Pretoria (Soft skills, generic management, and leadership) also an assessor and moderator.
  • George Grover lives in Pretoria (soft skills and generic management) also an assessor.
  • Thinus Van Staden lives in Middleburg (soft skills, warehousing, lifting equipment training) also an assessor and moderator, busy with RPL Advisor application.
  • JP Bradfield lives in Durban (Business management, logistics, and supply chain management) Ex MD of a Bidvest Company.
  • Philip Markram lives in Durban (Generic management, logistics International Trade, and legal aspects) Practising lawyer and an assessor.
  • Brian Human lives in Durban (Soft skills, generic management, computer training) also an assessor and moderator.
  • Loekkie Swart lives in Durban (Soft skills, computer training, warehousing, and Customs) Ex Customs official.
  • Johnny White lives in Durban (Driver training, lifting equipment training) Ex trainer from the Railways, also an assessor and moderator.
  • Nigel Shipston lives in Johannesburg (Soft skills, driver training, lifting equipment training) EX trainer from Natal Training Centre also an assessor and moderator.
  • Andre Diedricks lives in Cape Town (Business management) Published books on Management, speaker on SABC relating to Management, busy with assessor registration.
  • Thor Hendricks lives in Cape Town (soft skills, generic management, warehousing, logistics, and transport management) Logistics Officer in the Air Force.
  • Robert Wallis lives in Port Elizabeth (Soft Skills, generic management marketing, sales, and venture creation) EX National Sales Manager.
  • Des Pout lives in Johannesburg (soft skills, generic management, logistics, warehousing, computer training, Customs, freight forwarding) also an assessor and moderator.
  • Andile Nconjane lives in Johannesburg (soft skills, generic management, computer training) also an assessor and moderator.
  • Annette Eagleton lives in Durban (soft skills, generic management, computer training).
  • Neil Syces lives in Port Elizabeth (soft skills, generic management, logistics, warehousing, computer training) also an assessor and moderator.
  • Olwyn Midlane lives in Port Elizabeth (soft skills, generic management, computer training) also an assessor and moderator.
  • Claire Divine lives in Port Elizabeth soft skills, generic management, logistics, warehousing, computer training) also an assessor.

The Management team are:

  • Susan Henning (Managing Director) in Durban (soft skills, generic management, warehousing, port operations, air freight handling, logistics, supply chain, computer training). Susan served with the South African Air Force (logistics), worked within stores and as an instructor for the Air Force in Supply Chain and computer training, she is a SAPICS qualified lecturer, assessor, RPL Advisor, moderator and material developer.
  • Michael Eveleigh (Quality Systems Director) in Durban (Soft skills, generic management, driver training, transport training, warehousing, port operations, stevedoring, courier operations, air freight handling, logistics, supply chain). Michael served with the South African Air Force (logistics), worked as a Transport Officer, driving instructor and transport management lecturer for the Air Force, Later Managed the driver training and Transport Training School for the Defence Force (SANDF), wrote policy and procedures on Transport Management for the Defence Force, as well as policy and procedures on training for the Defence Force in terms of the Skills Development Act. Michael has completed ISO Management as well as ISO Auditor courses successfully and was appointed as the National Auditor on transport systems for the SAAF, also became a Traffic inspector for the SANDF. He studied transport management and supply chain management at UJ. He is an assessor, RPL Advisor, moderator, SDF material developer, and served on the Transport and Logistics SGB from 2003 till closure. He has also worked as a consultant for SAQA to design Qualifications and write unit standards. He presently serves as a CEP for TETA and is an LQDF for QCTO.
  • Rodney Ford (Marketing Manager) lives in Durban (Business management, warehousing, port operations, stevedoring, courier operations, air freight handling, logistics, and supply chain management) started his career as a qualified school teacher in Westville Durban, and embarked on a career in logistics after resigning as the Acting Principal of Amanzimtoti Primary School. Started with Toyota SA as a Customs and shipping supervisor and later promoted to Manager. Rodney then became the overseas procurement Manager for Toyota SA which led him to begin his own logistics and transport business during 1990. He sold the business in 1992 and joined Control Logic as their Materials Control Manager and later joined Rennies Cargo Services where he was later appointed as a Director of the Rennies Cargo Terminals. Bidvest procured Rennies and Rodney was offered a post with Rennies Distribution Services as their Marketing Director. Rodney has achieved his Senior Teaching Diploma, Advanced Management Diploma in business, Advanced Purchasing Management, Finance for non financial managers, Train the Trainer for Supply Chain Management and the skills Development Facilitators course. He has submitted his portfolios for assessor and moderator certification.
  • Wynand Nienaber (Operational Director) lives in Cape Town (Soft skills, computer training, venture creation and business management) Qualified Hospitality Manager, assessor, moderator and material developer.
  • Leonie Van Der Watt in Durban Project Manager for the Kwa Zulu Natal and coastal lying areas).

Our other employees are administrative personnel only, such as project coordinators, filing clerks and such.


At present Makwedeng is busy with the compilation of the following Qualifications:

• National Certificate: Ports and Harbours at NQF Level 5 (TETA).
• National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Management at NQF Level 5 (W&R SETA).


Makwedeng has had the privilege of working with and for the following organisations:

• ABI.
• Bearings International.
• Belgian partnership with the Wallonia Region.
• Berco Express.
• Bidvest Port Operations (previously Rennies Cargo Terminals).
• Bulk Connections.
• Dawn Wing.
• DB Schenker Logistics
• DHL Express.
• Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Transport.
• Fresh Produce Terminals.
• Greystones Cargo.
• Hulls Courier operations.
• IMPERIAL Logistics.
• Mass Discounters.
• Mr. Price.
• RAM Transport
• Rennies Distribution Services.
• Rennies Textile Logistics.
• Safcor Panalpina.
• Spar Group South Africa.
• Sintech.
• South African Container Depot.
• South African Express Parcel Association.
• TNT.
• Transnet Port Terminals.
• Transnet Pipelines.
• Transport SETA pilot projects.
• Vector Logistics.
• Volition.
• University of Liege partnership.
• UTi South Africa.
• Zikatele.

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